I'm a french photographer based in Tallinn, Estonia.

I was born in Madagascar and have lived in different parts of the globe, mostly in France, overseas French territories such as Reunion Island, and abroad in Australia. I have a Master degree in Film Studies from Paris 1 - Panthéon Sorbonne.

In 2012 I moved to Tallinn, Estonia, to start my own company and provide photography services. Since 2006 I've traveled in Asia, Pacific, Central and South America, crossing through more than 50 countries. Photography has always been a passion and a fascination since I received my first camera as a child.

I have started learning technical knowledge thanks to my first degree in audiovisual studies in Toulouse and the wonders of optical science with Mr. Pommard. After transforming my bathroom in a lab with an enlarger and lots of buckets I was sure I wouldn't do any other job even if my flatmate kicked me out because she wanted to take a shower. Since then I started to work with a digital camera.

Most of my work on this website is done with a digital camera if not mentionned otherwise. I am still a big fan of film photography and I would be happy to work for you with print films or slide films if necessary.

Portrait - Maïdo, Reunion Island