David Beckstead Photography Workshop

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David Beckstead Workshop in Tallinn

      This week took place the festival I Am Photographer, in Tallinn. This was the opportunity to be part of a workshop with photographer David Beckstead, world renowned wedding photographer.

      David’s work is unique and his signature is very demanded. Couples from all around the world are applying to be in front of his camera. He has worked in over 70 different countries.

If you know me and my passion for traveling, this was already way too many reasons to take this class. I had to do it!

      His story is unusual, as his style. In short version, fireforce from Arizona becoming photographer and moving to Washington state to live in 25 ha, border with Canada. That’s what we have to aim for. Difference. What made us has to show in our work and each sensitivity is drawing a singular image. Passion, creativity, risk, attempt, failure, accidents and reward would be what’s floating in the wake of hard work.

      Anyway, he gave us so many ideas, like investing in a few (cheap) wedding dresses to practice with friends (my boyfriend is gonna freak out, but let it be:) that I will probably ask you soon, ladies, who wants to pose for me. So if you want to fool around Tallinn in a white dress, call me, we’ll have so much fun! I promise  😉

Model: Annika Olev
Make-up: Lana Vallo
Dress: Tigasmo

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