Spring visit to Istanbul

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I remember the time at school when we were learning about Byzance, Constantinople. This stayed in my head a little bit longer than most of our history lessons and there was a reason for that. The splendour of this empire was already fascinating on the paper.

Visiting what remains of it carries you away. Architecture can’t reach more sophistication and delicacy. Gems are surreal. And there is nothing they haven’t tried to make out of gold.  Imagining what was life for people who build those legends, from slaves to sultans sounds like a myth. When you see it for real it’s a big slap in the face. You’re looking up at all of this, mouth open and you have a stiff neck at the end of the day.

      We were lucky in april. It’s the month of tulips 🙂 They are everywhere you can grow something and planted so tight you barely see the stem. Magnifique!

Views of the Bosphorus show you how busy the area is. Ferries, cargos, fishing boats.  It’s an incessant choreography of departures and arrivals.

The city itself is so crowdy than we happened to be in a human traffic jam in the streets around the Bazaar. We had our bit of drama with this drunk guy in Istiklal street who was threatening to jump from the 7th floor of a building. Police, ambulance, fire forces and television were there to … do what they could. No pictures of that though, not my kind. And the infamous Taksim square was sunny and wider than in my imagination, ornemanted with this giant Turkish flag alternatively floating and tangling.

And more and more etc. But I let the pictures talk.




The Blue Mosque

Entering the Blue Mosque by the side door, where tourists removes their shoes and women cover up their hair.

Flowers blooming and tourist posing.

Aya Sofya calligraphy exhibition

Mary, Jesus and Baptiste

Grand Bazaar delights

Bosphorus, Mosques and Palace. Urban life and sea.

Taksim square

Süleymaniye Mosque

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