Reunion Island

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Reunion Island

It is a French oversea territory. This is where I grew up. So, I won’t be very objective. But check it out and ask around. Considering it is so small this is one of the most fantastic place in the world.

As a volcanic island, the landscape is very rich. The highest summit, Piton des Neiges, rises at 3070m. You can climb it in one or two days trekking. Erosion has caused the formation of three cirques: Mafate, Cilaos, Salazie. The first one is only reachable by foot.

The active volcano, Piton de la Fournaise, is one of the most active volcano in the world. In 2007, the eruption was  one of the most intense we have experienced. Millions of m3  of lava poured in the ocean, new craters formed and the main one collapsed of 300m.

Tropical it is and the coast line has its share of beaches. Although be careful, there was a security measure at the time we went there. Like in Australia, sharks can be seen. The general overfishing of the ocean has caused them to look for prays closer to the shore. The lagoon is safe.

Food is as diverse as the origins of population here and you won’t be disappointed. Local products on the market are just to die for. And you’ll probably fill up your suitcase with mangoes and pineapple if you still have some room after you have packed all these bottles of ‘Rhum arrange’. (google it ;))


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