Fat Margaret Hostel

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 Fat Margaret Hostel

Following the great success of the series of photographs at the Munkenhof Guesthouse we decided to do similar work for the Fat Margaret Hostel.

The project was a little bit different in two ways. First the printing was much bigger, between 90cm to 1.2m. Second Siim, the manager, had the idea of finding pictures from the Archives of Tallinn and make replicas of those historical photographies.

The challenge was to find something that represents Tallinn, that would look good on a wall printed 1m and that would be possible to picture nowadays in a nice way. If you’re in Tallinn, go and have a look at this interesting Before/After pictures.

A few pictures were made using the HDR process in order to give a little twist to some classics or to enhance a night shot. I also wanted to make something very colorful because that’s what is usually missing in this kind of place.  As you might have noticed, architecture in Tallinn is vibrant, so I presented it as a patchwork. It includes details of old town and of Kalamaja area.

So that was it.  Other thing, I just came back from a photo-marathon through Estonia, and I have some great nature shots that would look amazing on walls too. I will publish some soon in the series « Carnet de voyage – Estonie »  If you know somebody interested, I would love to see how they look like printed gigantically 🙂


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