Exhibition Opening Night

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Exhibition Opening Night


Jop Antonius restaurant is located in Tartu, Estonia. It is characterised by an elegant menu and a vibrant interior design. Opened recently it has already built its reputation on Tartu’s food scene and attracted the attention of foodista. The owner Lasse Uustalu has gathered his experience by working with Tallinn’s top restaurants Ruhe and Oko.


For this special event, I was invited to design an original menu. I chose french favourite's dishes, classics and rich in flavours.


First course

Rose’s Boeuf tartare with quail egg, served with vegetables chips

Main course

Coq au vin served with sweet potato gratin and pecan nuts


Profiteroles à la vanille de Madagascar





And for a complete experience, I composed a special playlist for the night. It gathers french artists in a wide range of diversity. Older classics like Gainsbourg, France Gall to modern bands like La Femme or Metronomy. Different genders, reggae, hip-hop, chanson française. French lyrics as much as english and more. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did.


Playlist for the evening is here:



Preparation started full on, with the help of Lasse, Sander, Andreo, Kalev and Peep. Congrats to them!



After the show, we finally had a chance to sit ourselves confortable and enjoy the fruit of our hard work.



Tartare de boeuf

Special thanks to Andreo who chopped the beef for tartare by hand!


Admire this brick wall. Perfect fit for the theme!

Le festin


There are never enough profiteroles made. I should know this after 22 years of experience. They seem to have been disappearing before plating… And I specially enjoyed working in this professional kitchen as I never had such a great result with the baking of the puff pastry, incredible. I thought they were going to fly away.


Et voila!



Thank you everyone for this wonderful experience!



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